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23 December, 2008

Twas The Night Before Christmas….

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thought I would share this new version of the poem that a friend sent to me recently.  It is just so apt for a few people I know out there…and just to clarify…this has no reflection on me whatsoever…nup…not I LOL

Twas the night before Christmas, I’m glued to the tree

I’m wondering what Santa brought just for me

Could it be cardstock or chipboard or lace? 

Or a Cricut, I said, with a smile on my face

And that’s when I heard him, 
 “Hi Santa, ” I said

“You know…. good little girls should be in their beds.”

“I know I should Santa
 and now I’ve been caught,

But I was just so excited
 to see what you brought.”

“Well, let’s take a look
 in this room where you work. 

He shook his head quickly, 
 and left with a jerk. 

I heard him exclaim 
as he put it in gear. 

“You’ve got enough crap, 
 I’ll see you next year!”


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.  I will be back in a few days time.  Til then, take care and enjoy whatever festivities you are involved in.


Rushing Around

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Yes, I am still doing the mad Pre-Christmas Dash!!!  The whole world seems to have an urgency about it right now.  Have I done this, don’t forget that and lists, lists and more lists of things to do.  It’s nice to get things crossed off, but I seem to find twice as many more things still to do…sigh.

Ok, off to do the last minute Christmas shopping.  I was hoping to put up some pics of my doggy.  Yesterday I spent hours, trimming her coat, bathing her and then finished using the clippers on her coat (she has VERY long hair) and clipping her nails.  She is beeeeautiful today 🙂  I have to still install the software on my camera…argh!  Will be working tonight so I am not sure when I will get those pics up.  Note to self…find reindeer antlers and take pic of dog.

Keep Smiling and Stamp if you can,


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