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13 October, 2008

Just another Manic Monday

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The best plans of mice and men as they say…yep…my day.  I will NOT be deterred though.  Here it is 10 am and I am just going to have my shower and get dressed for the day.  I swear technology is all consuming of time LOL.  After my shower I am taking the phone off the hook and creating the day away…shhhhh…don’t tell anyone or that might not happen either *rolling eyes*.  This happens so often in our lives.  I worked my butt of yesterday so I could have today free…for ME!!!  (well…I still have my butt but you know what I mean)

Ok, off to have said shower and then into my room.  Time to create a sign for my door I think 🙂 and get cracking on some Christmas Cards..and it is time I started that Cruise album I have promised myself to do for years.  I went on TSS Fairstar in January 1990…it was a blast.  Need to find the box of pics/memorabilia.  I had a huge organising marathon a few years back to make the scrapbooking easier, but have not gotten around to it.

Keep Smiling and Stamping,

Maggie xxx

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