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13 October, 2008

A great day….

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YES!!!! I have finally had time to myself to create and I have had a ball…but guess what???….I have absolutely nothing to show for it!!!  How is that possible you ask?  I have done lots of painting, preparation and planning today.  I have also used crystal effects, so need to wait for it all to dry before I do anymore.  My studio looks like a bomb has hit it…but I LOVED every moment of it.

My beloved doggie kept me company all day.  She follows me wherever I go and even snored in time to some music LOL.  Every now and again demanding my attention.  She has a way of putting her snout in my way or using her talons to get my attention.

Ok, I am bushed and off to bed.  Hopefully will get some more done before work tomorrow.  Will photograph and upload as soon as possible.

Keep smiling and stamping,

Maggie xxx

Just another Manic Monday

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The best plans of mice and men as they say…yep…my day.  I will NOT be deterred though.  Here it is 10 am and I am just going to have my shower and get dressed for the day.  I swear technology is all consuming of time LOL.  After my shower I am taking the phone off the hook and creating the day away…shhhhh…don’t tell anyone or that might not happen either *rolling eyes*.  This happens so often in our lives.  I worked my butt of yesterday so I could have today free…for ME!!!  (well…I still have my butt but you know what I mean)

Ok, off to have said shower and then into my room.  Time to create a sign for my door I think 🙂 and get cracking on some Christmas Cards..and it is time I started that Cruise album I have promised myself to do for years.  I went on TSS Fairstar in January 1990…it was a blast.  Need to find the box of pics/memorabilia.  I had a huge organising marathon a few years back to make the scrapbooking easier, but have not gotten around to it.

Keep Smiling and Stamping,

Maggie xxx

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