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7 July, 2008

my poor baby….

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and I mean my beloved dog, Missy.  She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and over the past few days has been under par.  She had a dislocation in her back leg and suffers from some arthritis..and was having trouble moving.  I have had a few sleepless nights as I have tried to get her to sleep on a bed on the floor next to my bed.  Or maybe I should say…normally….I get to share HER bed.  You get the drift…she rules the house!!!!  It was so difficult to watch her go through this and yet look at me so trustingly that I would instinctively know what was wrong and could fix it.

As of today she is once more able to gingerly go up and down the couple of steps from the deck at the back of the house..I so did NOT enjoy the hour long trips to take her to go to the toilet.  What is it about dog’s and their ability to still be able to patrol the boundary fence to the neighbours and go off in search of imaginery beasts at 3 am???  I would get her back in the house and she did not want to sleep on said doggy bed on the floor next to me.  She would go to sleep after about an hour of testing me out…and then she would be snoring and I would still be awake *rolling eyes*..of course…the moment the alarm goes off…my body screams…go to sleep!!!!  But the cycle of the daily grind must continue….

Tomorrow is another day.

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