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5 April, 2008

The Day My Computer Died….

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How did we ever get by without one?  No Internet….my world came to a crashing halt.  So what did I do, I put my hubby to work to build me a new one…lucky me!!!  So now I am reconfiguring everything.  Where are the drivers for this..what password did I use for that…seriously, I am sooooo over it!!!!  I just want everything back where it was it the shortest amount of time.  Like yesterday LOL.

So what did I do instead?  Something I have been putting off for the longest time of course..and suddenly no excuses to do that any more.  I started to clean out my craft room and have done a total rearrange of the furniture in there.  Mostly mismatched office furniture and some preloved pieces from my mum’s.  Nothing designed for the purposes I have used them for of course, but that is another challenge *wink*  I am really lucky to have “my space”.  It is not perfect, but it is MINE!!!!  One day I will be able to decorate it…the walls badly need this after knocking out built in furniture some years ago.  Was planning on tackling that now, but the computer costs have put paid to that for the moment.

The great thing is..can always do this tomorrow…but…the decluttering has been done..whoohoo!!!

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